I’ve figured it out: My type is tall, handsome and dorky as fuck

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Everybody who reblogs this by tomorrow (this ends August 27th) will get a short sentence in their inbox describing the mental image that I got when I saw their URL.


I’m bored and sick and I need something to do.

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When you watch most of the audience walk out of a Marvel film at the beginning of the credits:



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Thank You BBC Sherlock.

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Congratulations to Benedict and Martin on their Emmy wins

I don’t know how on Earth anyone could interpret Irene Adler as a weak character when she risks everything and is that kind of brave and authentic. I never felt like she needed to be rescued by Sherlock. I think it was more a testament to the effect that she’d had on him that he risked everything to go and save her. I think it says more about his character and the journey he went on from meeting her than it says about her, because actually, she was saying “Goodbye Sherlock Holmes”, she was sitting there ready to die, it was the end of the road for her. I think it says a lot more about what he was willing to risk than her strength or her weakness. In my opinion.

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